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OOTD: The Cupid Dress for Valentine’s Day

Are you ready for a sleek Valentine Day outfit? If you choose to wear something formal, I suggest this Valentine date outfit look that consists of a classic ecru blouse and red wine sexy skirt. However, today’s Valentine outfit is going to be more playful yet chic and sparkly.

I picked this cute black velvet mini dress for the perfect Valentine look. The little black dress comes with a pair of opera gloves and silky Dutchess sleeve-puffs. Love how this dress can be chic, simple yet sohpisticated at the same time. This black dress set from Miscreants would be great for Valentine’s Day, you could tell by its name ” The Cupid Dress”. I guess you won’t need Cupid’s arrow if you have this cute Cupid dress on Valentine’s Day.

The black dress was paired with some black sheer tights and bold platform block-heel knee-length boots. I can’t tell you how much I love these pairs. They’re comfy, sexy, trendy, flattering, and gives you a nice silhouette. You will definitely turn heads with these killer boots.

Now, let’s accessorize with some jewelries. Therefore, I picked this Marquis shaped cubic zirconia stones necklace to add an elegant evening touch. The set includes matching drop earrings. Also, a shiny zirconia bracelet would look absolutely stunning on top of the gloves, not to mention how sophisticated this would be.

Finishing this playful attractive Valentine Day look with a dazzling drawstring bag. The cute little bag will keep shining all night long, thanks to its rhinestone crystals embellishments all over the accessory. The crystal bag comes with a round metal top handle, a drawstring closure. Plus, it is designed with a detachable shoulder strap so you can carry it in different ways.

Here you have it! A lovely feminine date night outfit, that you can wear on Valentine, anniversary, birthday or any special celebration.

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